Why Is My Toilet Filling So Slowly?

Most homeowners pay little attention to their toilets as long as they are flushing correctly. After all, that is the only purpose that they serve and all that you expect from them. But what most people do not think about is that a full tank of water facilitates the flush function. And when that tank is not filling correctly or entirely, you will begin to experience issues with your commode flushing properly. However, the majority of tank filling issues are pretty simple to locate and resolve.

Defining Slow

Because most of us don’t time the refill of our toilet tank, it can be hard to know what is considered slow. It could be a case of you paying attention to the refill for the first time and thinking that it is taking forever. But it is filling at the same rate it always did. Assuming that your home had adequate water pressure, a toilet tank should refill in around one minute. If your tank is taking far longer than a minute, three common issues could be to blame.

A Water Valve Issue

The water valve that controls water flow into your toilet tank is the small knob attached to the wall just below the tank. You can follow the fill line from the tank back towards the wall to locate the handle. If the valve is partially closed, it will take much longer for the tank to fill. If you have recently turned off the water to the toilet for repairs or a replacement, check to be sure the valve is completely open.

The other potential concern is that the valve is clogged with buildup or debris from your water. This clog will eventually become large enough to significantly decrease the water flow and take longer to refill the tank. If the valve is completely open, it is likely to be a clog issue. A call to your trusted plumber is the best way to deal with clogged water supply valve issues.

A Water Logged Float Ball

If you have an older toilet, it is likely to use a float ball. This ball floats on top of the water to control how much water comes into the tank. If you remove the tank lid and find that the ball is not floating on top of the water, it is most likely waterlogged and must be replaced. But the great news is that the process is as simple as pulling off the old ball and putting a new one in its place. However, a float ball is a sign of outdated equipment. You can replace the old parts with a newer, more reliable fill mechanism for just a few dollars more.

Fill Valve Tube Issues

The fill valve tube is the vertical cylinder in the tank. The fill valve controls the water level in the tank. And over time, the valve can become clogged, wear out, or shift out of alignment. All of these problems can prevent the tank from filling correctly. The entire fill valve assembly can be replaced relatively easily with a parts kit made for your specific make and toilet model. Most can be purchased online or at a big box store.

If you have checked for water valve issues and inspected the float ball but could not correct your slow-filling toilet, it could be more complex than your ideal DIY fix. A call to (956) 450-7774 is the fast and affordable way to ensure a professional toilet repair. The team at Victoria Plumbing Project offers free price quotes, flexible appointment times, and a complete warranty on every job.