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Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez
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" Very professional. I was amazed with how quickly and efficiently my project was taken care of. "
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" Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. "
Elizabeth Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson
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" I was unsure of which plumber I could trust to service my home, but as soon as I spoke with Danny I knew they were the real deal. I could not be happier with my service! "

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling in McAllen, TX

Bathroom and kitchen remodels are inspiring projects. They offer the opportunity to create spaces that function exactly the way you want them to. And they are also the best way you can invest in your home to increase the property value. But both of those essential goals will only be achieved when you work with the licensed plumbers at Victoria Plumbing Project. Our team of pros offers all of the services that you will need to pull together any project that includes; alterations, relocation, or repairs to your water lines, gas lines, or drains in the kitchen and bathrooms of your home. Call us at (956) 450-7774 for a free, no-obligation estimate for your kitchen and bathroom remodel in McAllen, TX.

Expert bathroom and kitchen remodeling McAllen, TX! Call today for a free estimate: (956) 450-7774!

How To Plan Kitchen Remodeling In McAllen, TX

When you start thinking about a kitchen remodel, your thoughts are drawn to features like new appliances, lighting, and even cabinetry. But what you should also be thinking about are the behind the scenes utilities that make your kitchen functional. It sounds easy to move your sink to a better location or relocate the dishwasher. But both will require replumbing the water supply and drains in your kitchen.

Also, be sure to pay close attention to your oven and cooking surface’s relocation plans if they are using natural gas or propane. Both of these appliances will need a new gas supply line to function in their new location. And it is best to plan for these tasks before you get too far into your kitchen remodel project. The experts at Victoria Plumbing Project have years of practical experience remodeling kitchen plumbing and gas service to take the stress and costly delays out of improperly relocated piping and drains or forgotten steps in the plumbing renovation process.

How to plan bathroom remodeling in mcAllen, TX

When you decide to invest in a bathroom remodel in McAllen, TX, it is essential to talk to the pros at Victoria Plumbing Project to understand the process of relocating the water supply pipes and drains in the space. You don’t want to assume that only moving the shower location by a few feet will substantially reduce the project’s cost. In some cases, it might, but in others, it will not because of the drain’s piping location. The only way to know for sure is to call in the experts for a free cost quote.


The added benefits of the victoria plumbing project remodel team

Working with professionals is always the best way to ensure the success of any project. And when you plan a renovation to the most necessary and used rooms in your home, it only makes sense to rely on the best plumbing company in the area. Thanks to the three decades of experience and thousands of ecstatic bathroom and kitchen remodel clients, our crew knows the answers to the questions you will ask about plumbing lines, gas lines, drains, current fixtures, and the latest trends in remodeling these essential rooms in your home. Call (956) 450-7774 to schedule an appointment to launch your kitchen and bathroom remodel in McAllen, TX.

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